Together we invest in a sustainable future

For us and for all the generations that will follow

An investment that gives you a good feeling! With your investment we can make a difference in dry areas.

Did you know that you can already participate in our investment program for €25?

Thanks to our simple platform, you can become a share-certificateholder within 5 minutes.

As you are a share-certificateholder, you can receive a dividend from us every year when we are growing.

Our investment program is a nice alternative to saving! See how we grow together with you.

Together we can make our planet green again. Invite your friends and family and receive bonus share-certificates.

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How much has been invested already

Here you can see how much already has been invested in Groasis through our Investor Platform! The stand is tracked in real time.

Our story

Around 2 billion hectares of degraded land is available on our beautiful planet. This soil was once fertile. The Treesolution is our concept to make these areas fertile again. This is done with the Growboxx® and Waterboxx®. These two products, which are part of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, make it possible to plant trees efficiently in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers in the drought-stricken areas. When you are a share-certificateholder in ‘Friends of Groasis One’, you will contribute to reforestation projects with the Groasis Technology. 

An investment that makes a difference

Together we must ensure that we can grow 40% more food for the growing world population. That will not be easy. According to the UN, around 48 countries are facing serious water shortages at the end of the next decade. Watch the video on the left and see how we can solve that together with you.

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Join our green movement!

Would you also like to contribute to reducing the effects of climate change? You can! Invest in reforesting the planet in a sustainable and profitable way. From December 3, 2019 you can participate from as little as 25 euros.


Visit the Groasis Investor Platform

Visit the Groasis Investor Platform and create a free account.

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Become a share-certificateholder within 5 minutes

You can buy share-certificates starting from € 25 on our platform. You can become a share-certificateholder in “Friends of Groasis One” within 5 minutes.


Invite your friends and family

If your family, friends or other interested parties become a share-certificateholder thanks to you, you will receive 4% bonus share-certificates. They also receive 1% bonus share-certificates!


An investment that makes you feel good

With your investment, you change the lives of people in hot, dry areas. You create prosperity for them and for yourself. We use your investment to plant trees in the most sustainable way.

How we can change the world by planting trees

The United Nations has set 17 goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us. These goals are called the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to planting trees with our water-saving technology, we contribute to 7 of the 17 UN goals. Curious about which goals that are and what you can be part of? You can find them below.

Reduction of poverty

With the Growboxx® and Waterboxx®, 30% faster plant growth can be achieved *, while this is + 90% cheaper than conventional methods. The solution to eradicate poverty.

Increase food production

With the Groasis Technology you can grow 5 to 10 tons of food per hectare. This is more than enough to feed everyone on our planet. This is how we fight hunger.

Reduction of water scarcity

A lot of water is wasted in the agricultural sector. With sustainable technology, 90% water per hectare is saved when planting. Scarce fresh water can now be used for other purposes.

Increase employment

Thanks to agricultural activities, 0.5 direct + 0.5 indirect jobs per hectare are created. In this way you help reduce unemployment in developing countries.

Reducte migration to cities

With sustainable technology we can create jobs in rural, degraded areas. For example, fewer people move to the cities because they can find work in the areas where they have been living for generations.

Improve soil quality

Fight further desertification and soil degradation and improve biodiversity by planting trees and crops in degraded areas in a sustainable way.

Reduce climate change

Dissolve 15 tons of CO2 per hectare? With ease! Almost all current greenhouse gas emissions can be neutralized with the Groasis Technology in the next 50 years.

Invest in reducing climate change

Visit our Investor Platform

Have you become just as enthusiastic as we are, and would you also like to contribute to a beautiful green planet? Then visit our investor platform. You can participate from as little as 25 euros. If you also invite someone to invest through you and they become a share-certificateholder, you will receive 4% bonus share-certificates. Those who participate through you will receive 1% bonus share-certificates.

How you can get in touch with us

Do you have any questions for us or do you want to get in touch us? You can! You can call us from Monday till Friday on 0167 – 54 75 54 or you can email to Also, have a look at our social media channels!