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Digital Security Offering (DSO) is closed as of December 1, 2020

In accordance with the regulations of the AFM, our Digital Security Offering (DSO) is closed as of December 1, 2020.
You can register on the interest list through the link below and we will then contact you if there are any new opportunities for investment in the future.
If you are a professional investor or you want to invest more than € 100,000, please contact us. In that case you will not fall under this limitation of the AFM.

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our story

The man behind Groasis

Pieter Hoff, founder and owner of Groasis, is a former lily breeder. He traveled the world for his work and found recurring problems with the operation of drip irrigation, increasing water scarcity and deforestation, and more and more plots of land that had become infertile due to man.

Pieter was looking for the ultimate solution to plant trees and crops in a water-saving way even in the driest areas. And whether he succeeded? Yes he did! Keep on reading and discover his story.

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The beginning of a life in an innovative way

The Dutch lily breeder managed to develop a revolutionary technology as a solution to this worldwide problem. In 2003 Pieter sold his lily company and focused on the further development of his sustainable and innovative round Waterboxx and square Growboxx. Both boxes ensure that saplings can survive under the most extreme conditions in a water-saving and sustainable way.

Video: watch here how fruit trees create prosperity

We reforest the world together

Groasis has since become an international Green Tech icon that has received many awards. Groasis aims to reforest 2 billion hectares of degraded land by 2060. Check out some of the achievements that have been accomplished so far.

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jobs created

hectares of land made productive

liters of water saved 

The growth opportunities

As a result of the threat of water scarcity due to climate change, as well as the realization that trees are the ideal solution to combat climate change, there is currently a worldwide call to action to plant trees. However, this is difficult in many areas because the land has become unusable due to human actions and climate change. The interest in Groasis’ Growboxx and Waterboxx products that offer the ultimate solution for this problem is greater than ever. It is therefore now time for Groasis to scale up the company.

How Groasis is changing the world market

Globally, drip irrigation is used when planting trees and crops. Groasis’ innovative method uses 90% less water. This means that with the same amount of water, up to 1,500 times as many trees can be planted.

Watch this video of planting a tree in Dubai and the result after a year

Digital Security Offering (DSO)

Dear reader,

I am Wout Hoff, son of Pieter. I studied business administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and then gained 16 years of experience in the corporate world in the United Kingdom and the USA. After an in-depth training in Groasis technology, I have been CEO of the company since 2019. I invite you to join our DSO so we can work on the world’s reforestation together.

When you invest in Groasis, you buy digital share certificates. The entry price for the digital share certificates is deliberately low with €25 to give private individuals a chance to participate in this Digital Security Offering (DSO). These certificates represent an economic property in the company and a right to dividend. In March 2020, Groasis reached a milestone of € 1 million with its DSO.

The fund of this DSO will be used to scale up the organization, including hiring extra staff and setting up an international production network for the Growboxx and Waterboxx.

I hope we can welcome you as a Friend of Groasis.
With kind regards Wout Hoff CEO

Business valuation

The company valuation of Groasis is €86.8 million. In total, €3.8 million will be spent on share certificates. You can buy a share certificate from €25.


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