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Our aim

The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology makes it possible to plant trees in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers in dry and eroded areas.

Our beautiful planet has around 2 billion hectares of degraded land. This soil was once fertile and we can make it fertile again.  While planting you will enjoy the unique ‘Triple 90 Benefits’….

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Learn more about us

Do you want to learn more about us in 3 short videos? Below you can find the last 3 videos of our YouTube channel. Travel with us to an award ceremony in Abu Dhabi, watch an interview with Pieter Hoff which has been broadcast on national television. Listen to one of our Growboxx® users about her experience with planting Passionfruit trees in Colombia.

Khalifa Date Palm Award

Last March, Pieter Hoff received the prestigious Khalifa International Date Palm Award in Abu Dhabi. Have a look behind the scenes! Click on the link below to watch this video and share it with your friends!

Een Vandaag

Pieter Hoff has been interviewed by the Dutch television program “Een Vandaag”. His message is that we must reforest all affected areas of the world in a sustainable and water-saving way.

Testimonial ‘Zero Hunger’

Do you want to harvest twice within 12 months after planting? Nothing is impossible! Watch the Testimonial of our World Food Program Innovation Accelerator project in Colombia and be amazed by the results!

How do you contribute with your investment?

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology helps to solve 7 of the 17 UN goals and contributes to a better world for us all.



Generate 30% faster plant growth while being >90% cheaper; solution for rural families to generate income.

End to


Generate 5-10 tons of food per hectare with our products, enough to feed the planet and make people selfsufficient.

More Clean


Save >90% water per hectare. More scarce water available in the future for other uses than irrigation.



Create 0.5 direct and 0.5 indirect jobs per hectare. Keep unemployment in developing countries in check.



Create local jobs in rural, degraded areas gives people the opportunity to stay where they find work.



Disconnect 15 tonnes CO2 per hectare. Almost all of today’s green house gasses will be disconnected in 50 years.

Improve Life

on Land

Combat desertification and land degradation while ensuring biodiversity while planting sustainable.

The development of the Groasis products

A successful product is not created overnight. It has taken years of testing and re-designing of our disruptive, innovate products to ensure that mankind can now plant trees in combination with shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, in dry and eroded areas. All in a simple and environmentally friendly way – which is saving water and hugely efficient.

Our awards

Since 2008, Groasis has been participating in various prize competitions, both nationally and internationally. Below you can see a small selection of the prizes Groasis has won so far.

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In September 2018, we have been awarded as the ‘Most Innovative Company of the Netherlands’. This is a prize that we have won by participating in the SME Innovation Top 100.

Chamber of Commerce


In 2017, we have been selected by the Innovation Accerator of the World Food Program to start a pilot. The aim is to investigate whether we can contribute to ‘Zero Hunger by 2030’.

UN World Food Programme


In 2016, we have been awarded as ‘National Icon’ of the Netherlands by the Dutch government. A title that we can carry forever and which we are incredibly proud of.

Dutch government


Are you a ‘Friend of Groasis’?

Since we cannot green this world by ourselves, we need your help. In 2016, we founded ‘Friends of Groasis’ with the aim to involve motivated people who believe in our dream to reforest the world in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Interested in Groasis?

In 2019 Groasis has news for interested people who want to become Friends of Groasis. Alle information regarding this topic will be published in the coming months. Stay informed? 

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