Together we invest in a sustainable future

For us and for all the generations that will follow

Our story

Around 2 billion hectares of degraded land is available on our beautiful planet. This soil was once fertile. The Treesolution is a proven and succesfull methodology to make these areas fertile again. This is done with the Growboxx® and Waterboxx®. These two products, which are part of the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, make it possible to plant trees efficiently in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers in the drought-stricken areas. 

A look behind the scenes

Do you want to know more about us? Watch the 3 short videos below on our YouTube channel. Travel with us to an award ceremony in Abu Dhabi, watch an interview with Pieter Hoff which has been broadcasted on Dutch national television or listen to one of our Waterboxx® and Growboxx® users from Colombia about how the boxes bring more prosperity to her community in a sustainable way.

Khalifa Date Palm

Last March, Pieter Hoff received the prestigious Khalifa International Date Palm Award in Abu Dhabi. Curious about his journey? This is one of the many international awards that Groasis has received since 2008.

Een Vandaag

Pieter Hoff has been interviewed by the television program “Een Vandaag”. His message is that we must reforest all affected areas of the world in a sustainable and water-saving way for our (grand) children. 

Innovation Accelerator

Harvest twice within 12 months after planting? Nothing is impossible! Watch the testimonial of the United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator project in Colombia and be amazed.

Started in 2003

In 2003, Pieter Hoff, the founder of Groasis, sold his lily company and started developing a product that helps the agricultural sector to become more water efficient.

Invested +17 million euros 

Since the establishment, over 17 million euros have been invested in the Research and Development of the products. The result? Scroll down to see the product timeline!

Active in +40 countries

Currently, with the help of our 25 distributors, we are active in 43 countries. We sell to all kinds of parties, from rural families to multinationals and governments.

Reaching people in 16 languages

Our main website is available in 5 languages, but on our YouTube channels and in our app you can choose between 16 different languages. Our YouTube channel now has +10,000 views per day.

Gigafactory that produces 350,000 per month

From December 2019 our first giga factory is running at full speed! We are going to produce 350,000 patented Growboxxen® every month. We are already preparing for the opening of our second gigafactory.

We will never stop with innovation

With proud we can say that we have developed the first paper lid for a paper cup, the “Rafiki“. This lid is biodegradable, so we prevent millions of tons of plastic waste. 

How you can contribute to 7 of the UN goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all of us. You can contribute to no less than 7 of the 17 UN goals trough us! Curious how?

Reduction of poverty

With the Growboxx® and Waterboxx®, 30% faster plant growth can be achieved *, while this is + 90% cheaper than conventional methods. The solution to eradicate poverty.

Increase food production

With the Groasis Technology you can grow 5 to 10 tons of food per hectare. This is more than enough to feed everyone on our planet. This is how we fight hunger.

Reduction of water scarcity

A lot of water is wasted in the agricultural sector. With sustainable technology, 90% water per hectare is saved when planting. Scarce fresh water can now be used for other purposes.

Increase employment

Thanks to agricultural activities, 0.5 direct + 0.5 indirect jobs per hectare are created. In this way you help reduce unemployment in developing countries.

Improve soil quality

Fight further desertification and soil degradation and improve biodiversity by planting trees and crops in degraded areas in a sustainable way.

Reduce climate change

Dissolve 15 tons of CO2 per hectare? With ease! Almost all current greenhouse gas emissions can be neutralized with the Groasis Technology in the next 50 years.

Reducte migration to cities

With sustainable technology we can create jobs in rural, degraded areas. For example, fewer people move to the cities because they can find work in the areas where they have been living for generations.

How innovation creates a sustainable world

Since 2008, Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology has been participating in various prize competitions. By continuing to innovate and keep on working on a smart and sustainable technology, prizes are even won 10 years after the technology was founded. Below you can see a small selection of the prizes that have been won.

See the other prizes

Since 2018 we can call ourselves the “Most Innovative company of the Netherlands”. A prize awarded by our Chamber of Commerce during the MKB Innovation Top 100.

Chamber of Commerce


In 2017, we were selected by the Innovation Accelerator of the UN World Food Programme to start a project in Colombia. The goal is to contribute to achieving “Zero Hunger by 2030”.

World Food Programme


In 2016 we were selected by the Dutch government as the “National Icon of the Netherlands”. A title to be incredibly proud of and that we can carry forever.

Dutch Government


How you can contribute to a sustainable world

Would you like to work with us on a sustainable world for everyone? You can! Register and receive a personal email from the founder of Groasis, Pieter Hoff, including more information. This e-mail tells you exactly how you can participate exclusively in our “private sale”. Read the other pages on this website for more information. 

Are you still having second thoughts? No problem! Our public sale will start soon. We would also like to keep you informed of this.

Register yourself and receive more information directly

The development of our sustainable products

The world is changing. Sometimes at a faster pace than we would like. Where problems arise, new opportunities arise at the same time. Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology has developed over time into a complete technology that allows people in even the driest and most eroded areas to plant trees in combination with shrubs, vegetables or flowers. Everything in a simple and environmentally friendly way.

Our successful products were not created within a day. Many years of testing, running back and forth to the drawing board and developing prototypes have ensured that we have now developed an efficient, very affordable, sustainable and water-saving method for planting trees, shrubs and plants. Which products do you recognize above?

Take action and join us!

Because we cannot make this world greener by ourselves, we need your help. In 2016 we established “Friends of Groasis” with the aim of recruiting as many motivated people as possible who believe in our realistic dream of reforesting the world in a sustainable and responsible manner.