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The founding of Friends of Groasis

Friends of Groasis was founded to obtain intellectual support through the ideas and network of the investors. In addition to the financial support you provide us through this investment, we would also like to cooperate with you as in investor. In this way we can find solutions together for various problems and brainstorm about more innovative ideas. We therefore opened the investment opportunity of Friends of Groasis. This gives you the opportunity to become a private or business investor by purchasing Sustainable, Green, Silver, Gold and/or Platinum shares.

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What's in it for you?

You become co-owner in Friends of Groasis. Friends of Groasis possesses 5% of the shares of Groasis. Groasis will pay out a dividend when it makes a profit. Since Friends of Groasis owns 5% of the shares of Groasis, the shareholders in Friends of Groasis will collectively receive 5% of the dividend. This is paid out to the shareholders in proportion to the value of the share in Friends of Groasis. As the company grows, the value of the shares will also rise. Shares are risk-bearing capital, so if the company does not deliver on its promises, the value may fall.

Groasis appoints licensed producers of the Growboxx® plant cocoon worldwide. They ensure that Growboxxes will be worldwide available at low cost. These Growboxxes help rural families with making their degraded land fertile again by planting (productive) trees in combination with vegetables, shrubs or flowers. Companies, governments and cities can plant trees without using expensive and water wasting irrigation systems. When we start with ecosystem restoration projects at a large scale, we can help control the CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere.

Read all about these subjects in the book The Treesolution, written by Groasis founder Pieter Hoff. In The Treesolution he tells you about his dream to reforest the world. He explains how we can finance this and how we can even earn money with it. You can find the book on

Where is the share capital used for?

The seller of the shares of Friends of Groasis is Pieter Hoff’s holding. He lends the money he receives for the shares you buy to Groasis. With this money, Groasis can stimulate its growth by investing in new production equipment in order to realize a high volume and a low sales price of the Growboxx® plant cocoon. This helps Groasis to meet the demand of (existing and potential) projects for small-scale farmers. Groasis’s focus is on Africa, Latin America and Asia. We believe that Groasis can offer an even better holistic, integrated solution for the reforestation and productivity increase of degraded soil. When Groasis generates profit, it repays its loans and starts paying dividends.

On 18 October 2016, former Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp proclaimed Groasis as one of the three winners of the National Icons. This unique award gives us extra publicity and support from the Dutch government for the upcoming years. However, it also gives us a great responsibility to realize what we stand for. In addition, in September 2018 we were selected as the Most Innovative Company of the Netherlands by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Groasis is now working hard to raise capital and make great strides in realizing our mission and vision. Through your share in Friends or Groasis you help with the realization of this mission and vision.

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We have put together 10 different photos and documents for you. We hope that these documents can help you make the right decision and give you a little more insight into our company. If you click on the images, a the document or a larger version of the image opens.

Pieter Hoff with the National Icons award

Pieter Hoff next to prime minister Mark Rutte and the other winners of the National Icons

The Growboxx® plant cocoon 

The Growboxx® plant cocoon with one tree

The Growboxx® plant cocoon with plants in the plant plugs

The Growboxx® plant cocoon –  a fruit tree in combination with 4 peppers

Three Growboxxes next to each other

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