Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Groasis?

Groasis B.V. is a Dutch limited liability company with the goal of reaching the Treesolution. Our vision is to eradicate hunger, prevent water scarcity, combat climate change and to restore biodiversity by replanting 2 billion hectares of degraded land and make the degraded land fertile again.  We call this vision the Treesolution.

Groasis develops, produces, sells and/or distributes innovative and patented products and technologies in order to use water more efficiently. By using our Groasis Ecological Watersaving Technology and our products, we can enhance the growth of trees, crops and plants and by extension combat erosion, deforestation, desertification, climate change and water scarcity. 

You can find our Mission and Vision here.

What is offered and what are Digital Securities?

In this investment opportunity we offer so called Groasis Digital Securities (GDS) to investors. GDS are digitalized share certificates. The GDS are being offered by STAK (Stichting Administratiekantoor/ Trust) Friends of Groasis One. STAK Friends of Groasis One holds 4,498% of all shares in Groasis B.V. By investing, you purchase digital share certificates of the shares in STAK Friends of Groasis One. You will become the owner of a share certificate that (indirectly) represents economic equity into Groasis B.V. There are no voting rights attached to the GDS, but they do have dividend rights.

What are the benefits of the Groasis Digital Securities?

If you were to purchase a ‘regular’ share into STAK Friends of Groasis One, the purchase deed has to be passed by a notary. The costs involved with such purchases are easily between 250 to 500 Euros, depending on the notary. Should you wish to purchase shares or certificates for the amount of 25 Euros, you will have to pay an additional 250 Euros to the notary. By digitalizing the share certificates, it is possible to offer you the share certificates at much lower transaction costs.

In the future, the digitalized share certificates will also be easier to sell.

Another important benefit that we want to offer our investors, is the possibility to create better liquidity for their investment or to easily benefit from any future profits by selling their GDS. Before the end of 2020 we hope to open a digital trading platform in order to purchase and/or sell the digitalized share certificates by having supply and demand meet. During the first 12 months after your purchase, it is not possible to sell your GDS online (we call this a lock up period). After this period, we strive to create the possibilities to purchase and/or sell GDS for low transaction costs online.

How do I secure the best functionality of the Platform?

The Groasis Investor Platform functions best if you visit the Platform using Google Chrome. Please be advised the third party cookies have to be accepted. If you wish to use the Platform using Safari, please make sure the option “block all cookies” is not active (you can find this option in your browser menu if you click on ‘Safari’, ‘Preferences’ under ‘Privacy’).
The Platform is not ‘mobile first’. This means that you can see your investment, the documentation and/or the inbox function on your mobile apparatus. But for the actual purchase of share certificates, it is advised to use a computer and/or laptop to secure optimal functionality. The payment, using iDeal for example, can be made as usual (either by logging in with your user name + password, by using a mobile application of your bank and/or by scanning the QR code). 

We have created a short How To video (in Dutch) in which we show you step by step how you can invest in STAK Friends of Groasis one and purchase share certificates through our Platform. Additional information regarding this investment opportunity can also be found on the Platform under documentation and can also be consulted on this website. The How To video shows the possibility of identifying yourself by using IDIN. This option is only available to people who are in possession of a Dutch bank account. If you do not have a Dutch bank account, please identify yourself manually by filling in all requested information, including your bank account number.

What is the price of a Groasis Digital Security and what are the transaction fees?

In the public sale the minimum purchase price is set at 25 Euros. 1 Groasis Digital Security costs 25 cents, which means you have to purchase a minimum of 100 GDS. You can purchase in tranches of 25 Euros, which means you can purchase certificates in tranches of 100, 200, 300, etc.

The price of the GDS and the percentage of ownership they represent into Groasis is based on a Low Bound company valuation of 86,8 million Euros. This company valuation is determined in a valuation report by an independent company, Equidam, which report can be found here.    

In addition to your total investment you pay a transaction fee of 1,50 Euros. This fee includes, amongst others:

Whitelisting fees: these are the costs that are made in order to correctly identify who is purchasing our share certificates. By law we are obligated to adhere to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. These costs are around 1 Euros.

Transfer fees: these fees include the costs that are made when money is being transferred using one of the different payment options our Platform provide. These costs are around 50 Eurocents, presuming you pay by iDeal- transfer. For payments using PayPal (creditcard), higher transactions fees may be applicable.

In the future, we plan to create the possibility of OTC (over the counter) trading. We estimate the transaction fee for selling will be around 50 Eurocents per transaction. In the future, the fees can differ. For the latest update on the status, please always consult the website of the offer.

What are the different payment options?

On the Platform, we offer 4 different payment options: iDEAL (only possible within the Netherlands), Bancontact (only possible within Belgium), SEPA (to be used within the EU) and PayPal (worldwide through creditcard). The payments are being processed by Mollie, a collecting payment service provider that is being supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank.

If we receive your payment through iDeal, your payment will be processed within seconds and your purchased share certificates will be immediately visible in your online wallet. Please note: if you finish your purchase by payment through one of the other payment options, it can take up to 3 to 5 business days for your payment to be processed. As soon as we have received acknowledgment of receipt of payment, your share certificates will become automatically visible in your online wallet.

When does this campaign go live?

Between June 1st and November 30th, 2019, we have organized a so called pre-sale. In this pre-sale, a limited amount of potential investors have been approached were offered a bonus of 20% over their total investment, under the condition of a minimum investment amount of 10.000 Euros. Our pre-sale was capped at 500.000 Euros. The pre-sale has been fully sold out.

On December 1st, we started our public sale. During the public sale, it is possible to join this investment opportunity starting from a minimum investment amount of 25 Euros. The total available amount of share certificates that will be sold in the public sale is capped at 3,3 million Euros.

How does the referral campaign work?

If you have become an investor, you will receive a unique and personal referral link. Should you refer other people to our Platform by using your personal referral link, and they create an account and make a purchase, you will receive 4% bonus share certificates over their invested amount. The new investor will also receive an extra 1% bonus over his or her invested amount. Subsequently, the new investor will also receive his or her own personal referral link, which they can then share with others.

Please be advised that only new investors, people who have not yet created an account on our platform, can make use of the referral link in order to receive the bonus.

The unique and personal referral link can be shared indefinitely, up until all share certificates are sold out.

Who is Bondex B.V.?

Groasis has partnered up with Bondex B.V. They provide a secure online investment platform that uses blockchain technology to operate and they support us in any maintenance.

What is the total size of this investment opportunity and where can I find information regarding the current financial status of the company?

Groasis is aiming for a total investment amount of 3,8 million Euros against a company valuation of 86,8 million Euros. The digitalized share certificates from STAK Friends of Groasis One represent indirect economic equity into Groasis B.V., which carry dividend rights.

Please click here to download the valuation report for Groasis B.V., drafted by Equidam Valuation S.L., an independent company that has created valuation reports for numerous companies. The report describes the financial position of Groasis B.V. and also explains the vision of Equidam to the valuation. As you will be able to read in the report, Equidam has drafted three different company valuation options for Groasis B.V.: a recommended Pre Money valuation of 104,9 million Euros, a Low Bound (conservative) valuation of 86,8 million Euros and a High Bound (optimistic) valuation of 123,1 million Euros. Groasis has chosen to execute this financing round on the Low Bound (conservative) company valuation of 86,8 million Euros, in the hopes to offer potential investors a greater change of benefitting from future higher revaluations of the digitalized share certificates.

You can find the most recent Financial Statements of Groasis B.V. here and here.

What are the risks related to this investment opportunity?

Please consult our information document as required by the AFM to find the most relevant risks that are related to this investment opportunity.

You can find the information document here.

Who can join this investment opportunity?

Anyone that has reached the age of 18.

Citizens of the USA must be able to proof they are accredited investors through additional documentation.

Citizens of the P.R. of China are unfortunately excluded from this investment opportunity due to governmental restrictions

How will my investment be used?

Groasis B.V. is planning to increase its sales- and marketing activities and to scale up production capacity in order to execute large worldwide projects (through partners). You can find additional information regarding the use of the investment in the Information Document.

When and how can I expect return on my investment?

As soon as Groasis generates profit and closes a financial year with profit, the board will decide upon a possible distribution of profit. STAK Friends of Groasis One will, if profits are distributed, receive a percentage of the profit. Any received profits will be immediately distributed through the Platform and divided amongst the share certificate holders proportionate to their stake into STAK Friends of Groasis One.

You can also download a yearly turnover once every year.

You can find additional information regarding your return in the Information Document.

How do I invest and where can I monitor my investment?

You can visit our Groasis Investor Platform and create an account by clicking ‘sign up’ or log in if you already have an account. After you have logged into the Platform, you can purchase your share certificates by following the steps as shown on the Platform (or you can watch our short How To video by clicking here). Please be advised if you are not from the Netherlands, identifying yourself by using IDIN is not possible. Please fill in all requested information manually.

After you have created an account and/or purchased share certificates, you can always log in to the Platform and monitor your investment online.

Does Groasis have a prospectus?

Groasis BV and STAK Friends of Groasis One do not have a prospectus requirement for this offering and therefore do not have a license from the AFM. There are some rules and regulations attached to this offering, such as the obligatory reporting to the AFM. Prior to going live with our offering, we have complied to all such obligations.

How will I be updated?

All company documents related to Groasis and/or STAK Friends of Groasis One will be published on the Groasis Investment Portal under ‘documents’. As soon as a new version of, for example, the annual figures becomes available, this version will be published. You can view these documents at any time on our Portal.

STAK Friends of Groasis One will also organize an annual meeting for its share certificate holders. We aim to organise these meetings online.

Of course you can follow the social media channels of Groasis to monitor all relevant developments closely, and we will send you our newsletters on a regular basis.

If you are not yet subscribed to our newsletter, click here.

I have a question that is not included in this FAQ, what can I do?

For any other questions or remarks, please use the contact form you can find under ‘contact’ or you can email your question directly to