Invest in a green legacy

Do you want to keep on contributing to a beautiful green planet now and after you pass away? Groasis presents three opportunities. Keep on reading and see what you can do for our planet and how you can invest in a green legacy.

How we, and you, contribute to a green planet

On a daily basis we are confronted with the impact we have as mankind on the environment and the changing climate. We at Groasis try to contribute to a green planet. With the products developed by us, we make it possible to plant trees almost everywhere on this world  – regardless of the climate – in combination with shrubs, vegetables or flowers. We do this without further depleting the natural resources. 

These trees, shrubs, vegetables or flowers give us so much more than only a beautiful sight. We try to make changes at local, national and international level. For example, small holder farmers can generate an income while enjoying delicious fruits and vegetables that can feed their families too. Areas can be made fertile again and land will be restored. At the same time, CO₂ is disconnected and the concentration in the atmosphere can be reduced. 

A green life, something you can pass on

If you want to contribute to a green earth together with us and you want to invest in a green legacy, we present three options:

  • Invest by purchasing one of the sustainable shares of Friends of Groasis
  • Donate money for one of the Groasis plant projects
  • Donate money to Groasis

As a Friend or Groasis, you represent a planet where there is enough food for everyone, where trees are planted in the most dry and eroded places, where we take care for our nature and where we do our best to create more awareness. We only have one earth. 

The shares are freely transferable by name. If the moment is there, the shares can be transferred to family or friends. Contact us or invest directly in Friends of Groasis!