Groasis reduces climate change

Reports from amongst others the IPCC, show us that the average temperature on earth is still rising. We need to reduce our CO₂ emissions as quickly as possible in order to prevent a further increase of the temperature. Our temperature may not rise more than 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial levels. The temperature keeps on rising because nature cannot restore/disconnect all the greenhouse gassen (among which CO₂) that end up in our atmosphere. It is possible to reduce these concentrations and reduce the effects of climate change. You can contribute to this by investing. Keep on reading and discover what the possibilities are and how you can contribute to a better climate. 

Lowering the CO₂-concentration

Please watch this video from NASA. This video shows you the flows of CO₂ concentration during the year. The more red you see, how higher the concentrations are. 

The most natural tool that helps us to disconnect CO₂ molecules are trees. As Bill from NASA also explains in the video: “During spring and summer in the northern hemisphere, plants absorb a substantial part of the carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, and so they remove some of the gasses in the atmosphere.

Planting trees in an efficient and environmental friendly way

Around 2 billion hectares of degraded land are available across the globe. This is soil was once fertile, but due to the actions of mankind and/or animals, it lost its fertility. We can restore these 2 billion hectares by planting (productive) trees. 

There are many ways to plant trees. You can do this with the help of expensive and water wasting irrigation systems. The problem in these areas is that the financial resources are not sufficient and/or there is not enough water available. In addition, the agricultural sector currently consumes 70 to 85% of the drinking water, becoming scarser every day. We can reduce this by using the environmentally friendly and biodegradable Growboxx® and Waterboxx® plant cocoon. This allows a tree to be planted in combination with 4 shrubs, vegetables or other crops. It does not matter for the Growboxx® plant cocoon in which climate the tree is planted. In this way we can tackle dry and eroded areas.

When we compare the Growboxx® plant cocoon with irrigation system, we see three major advantages. We call these advantages the ‘Triple 90 Benefits’: less water is used, the costs are reduced and there is a high average survival rate. Less water is ‘wasted’ when producing food, while at the same time trees can be planted cheaper and more efficient. This makes it easier for farmers in dry and eroded areas to create – for example – an orchard. In addition, governments can also plant trees more easily and efficiently.

Do you want to contribute to the reduction of climate change?

It takes time to lower the CO₂ concentration in the atmosphere. The effects of climate change can not be stopped immediately. We can bridge this intermediate period – the transition period – by planting many trees in an environmentally friendly way. Thanks to the trees planted with the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology, humanity can live climate-neutral while we work on CO₂-free transport systems, production processes and more.

Since we want to solve this social problem with society, with you, we give everyone in the Netherlands the opportunity to join us. For this we have set up “Friends of Groasis” of which you can become co-owner by purchasing our digital certificates of our share-certificates. These share-certificates are a unique way to invest in a sustainable future for our beautiful planet. Visit the Groasis Investor platform to participate.