We can reforest the world

The forests on our planet are disappearing faster and faster. Since these areas are not always replanted with trees, erosion, drought and other problems arise. With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology we can reforest these areas in a socially responsible way!

There are billions of hectares of land across our globe that are not fertile. This may involve natural deserts, but also areas that have lost their fertility due to the actions of humans or animals. Of this surface, around 2 billion hectares are suitable for the plantation of (productive) trees. We can restore the soil.

The plantation of trees is made difficult since there is a lack of water, the planting season is too short, the summers are too hot or the winters are too cold. All these natural factors cause that the plantation of trees with the traditional and well-known irrigation methods is too expensive or not feasible. But, with the help of the Groasis Waterboxx® plant cocoon and the Growboxx® plant cocoon, it becomes possible to reforest these areas in a water-saving and sustainable way!

The intelligent buckets make it possible to plant trees in combination with shrubs, vegetables or flowers without the use of energy, with minimal water consumption and in a sustainable way. Extreme climates aren’t a problem for the technology. As long it concerns a species that can naturally survive in the area. For example: you cannot plant an avocado tree in the Netherlands, and not an apple tree in the desert of Kuwait. 

With the Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology it is possible to reforest the 2 billion hectares of dry and eroded areas with (productive) trees. Check the results below of the project in Kuwait with the reusable Waterboxx® plant cocoon.

Invest in reforesting the 2 billion hectares of degraded land - Kuwait Oasis started using the Groasis Technology for planting trees in 2014

May 2012 – The first trees have been planted in Kuwait with the Waterboxx® plant cocoon.

Are you investing in the reforestation of the earth? In Kuwait a 100% survival percentage was achieved for the planting of Ghaf trees

May 2015 – 3 years after planting the trees. The trees can survive without the help of the Waterboxx® plant cocoon. A 100% survival rate has been achieved while using over 90% less water.

The benefits of trees for our planet

The reforestation of dry and eroded areas with productive trees brings us many benefits. For example, more food is being produced, more jobs arise for the local community, soil will be fertile again and more CO₂ molecules are disconnected. By means of photosynthesis, the C-molecules (carbon) are stored underground as humus or converted into wood or fruit. The O₂ molecules (oxygen) are returned to the atmosphere.

How you too can invest in nature and more trees

Our planet is big, and so are the ideals of Groasis. We know that there are many people across the globe who would like to give something back to nature. From now on, you can now participate and become a share-certificateholder in Friends of Groasis. Do you want to join us? Become a share-certificateholder in Groasis! Visit our Investor Platform to learn more.